Angela Haydock
Director @ The Haydock School of Dance
This was a really comprehensive and informative programme of talks. I loved hearing Mari’s vision of ‘The Principles of Artist Wellness’ . As a dancer It felt comforting to be acknowledged, and as a teacher it was utterly inspiring.
To get the most out of my 24 hours I needed to watch the videos almost back to back and take copious notes, being able to pause each video was a blessing. A couple of speakers were a little quick in their delivery, but overall the talks were very easy to follow. 
I loved being able to watch from home and join in with exercises from the topics. From a teachers perspective, it gave me confidence to teach ‘tricky’ subjects like students with Hypermobility and gave me lots of strength exercise ideas to try with my pupils.
The inclusion of the ‘Pelvic Health 101’ video was really important to me. Although, I doubt if I would have thought it applied to me when I was a younger, more self centred dancer. I learned lots of new and very helpful things with this though, and am grateful it was included.
For the future, I would love to see Mental Health for dancers discussed, with practical, detailed coping strategies which are useful in various situations.. such as mindfulness, meditation, 3 minute breathing space. This, I feel, would add to the programme and complete the range of topics on Artist Wellness.
When I came across registration for this I could not believe my luck and it did not disappoint. I consider the 24 hours I spent learning on The Artist Wellness Virtual Summit one of the best gifts I’ve had the fortune to receive. Thank you doesn’t cover it.
Reegan Ruddock
Competitive Dancer @ Sound In Motion Studio
The summit was an incredible learning resource for so many athletes and artists! It included all types of information from injury prevention to mental health, and much more!
I loved all the presentations, each one had valuable information to help my practice as a dancer. If I had to choose one presentation, I’d choose “Recovery Strategies” by Colin Jackson. The presentation really changed my perspective on recovery and it was very simple and easy to understand. 
I learned a lot about injury prevention, how to lower the risk of injuries, etc. As a dancer, I come across injuries all the time that make what I do very difficult. These presentations have helped me become more educated in causes, symptoms, and recovery. 
The videos were very easy to watch and follow! Each speaker organized their information very well and included diagrams, PowerPoints, examples, pictures, etc. that helped with understanding. 
In future summits, I’d love to see more topics regarding the mental aspect of artistry (as I was really interested in the presentations there!), as well as a topic on specific exercises/workouts to target different parts of the body. 
Daisy Su

I personally really liked the variety of speakers as well as the wide spectrum of wellness topics. As a physiotherapist with a dance background, I think it's so important to understand all aspects of the dancer.

My biggest take away is to always remember there are more dimensions to an injury that just the MSK pain. With dancers specifically, there needs to be an even larger emphasis in identifying possible biopsychosocial factors because the culture is so unique and competitive. 

The summit had so much great info that was well put together, even young dancers could understand. Hopefully this inspires and motivates them to seek help when necessary. 

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