Welcome to School of Hip Hop

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Join us today for "HIP HOP 101"

This 4 weeks of Hip Hop Foundation Program is for all ages and all experience levels!

Our program includes a total of 6 hours of weekly virtual group training (minimum 2 hours recommended)
- in old school hip hop grooves, basics to popping & breaking
- mobility & strengthening exercises to keep up with on a weekly basis
- along with mini combos taught live & posted on various social media platforms

To register: Join our SHH Scholar tier on Patreon or e-transfer $50 CAD to Schoolofhiphop2020@gmail.com


Virtual Summit Review

"I consider the 24 hours I spent learning on The Artist Wellness Virtual Summit one of the best gifts I’ve had the fortune to receive.
Thank you doesn’t cover it." - Angela Haydock, Director @ The Haydock School of Dance

"As a dancer, I come across injuries all the time that make what I do very difficult. These presentations have helped me
become more educated in causes, symptoms, and recovery." - Reegan Ruddock, Competitive Dancer @ Sound In Motion Studio

"The summit had so much great info that was well put together, even young dancers could understand.
Hopefully this inspires and motivates them to seek help when necessary." - Daisy Su, Physiotherapist

Read the full reviews here!

Welcome to School of Hip Hop

London's #1 Resource for #allthingshiphop

Thank You All !!!

We hope that you all learned lots about artist wellness from our very first virtual summit.

Thank you to all of our presenters who took the time to educate all of us and to our community of supporters in #allthingshiphop.

If you missed a video or two, or if you'd simply like to extend your access to all of the presentations, click the button below!

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A fresh take on art education through the core elements of hip hop.

We understand that life is a bit hectic with lots of uncertainy and constant fear for safety during these times.
But we're here to help you get through it and level up your game - as we explore deeper into the roots and origins of this street culture.

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