Winter 2020 Season

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Half Term: January 14 - February 23
& February 25 - March 31
Full Term: January 14 - March 31

PDF available for download:
SHH Studio PKG


Tuesday 630 - 730 PM
Kids Breaking

No experience? No problem!
Introductory breaking (breakdance) lesson for boys & girls 5 years old & up.

We explore the fundamentals of original hip hop dance - learning the basic top rock, footwork, freezes  &powermoves.

Tuesday 730 - 830 PM
Breaking Foundation

Revisiting the basics of breaking and assisting our students gain a deeper understanding of hip hop as a culture and a means of self-expression. 

A little bit of graffiti art, some scratching and rapping, with a whole lot of dancing.

Tuesday 830 - 10 PM
Open Session

All students are welcome to stay and get some extra practice in with other bboys and bgirls from the community.

An open dance session with cyphers
and lots of positive vibes.  
$5 or pay what you can!

Sunday 4 - 6 PM
Intermediate Breaking

You’re no beginner, but you’re no expert? This 2-hour class is for those with 2+ years of experience, looking for ways to up your training game.

(Invitation/approval of instructors recommended for this class)


Last Tuesdays of the Month
- AMPD Session

Art, music, poetry & dance - integration of all the elements for
hands-on experience in: DJing, MCing & graffiti.


Last Sundays of the Month
- Mini Jams

Live & Uncut - Hip Hop 101: documentaries, guest speakers,
live DJs, mini dance battles and open sessions for all.



Full Term: 
$225 for Tuesdays only
$400 for Tuesdays & Sundays
(includes SHH school wear)

Half Term:
$120 for Tuesdays only
$225 for Tuesdays & Sundays
(includes SHH school wear)

$20 per class

Private Lesson:
Contact us for our rates & availability