welcome to our weekly blog bank!

Thanks for stopping by the SHH Blog Bank – where we hope to share openly and freely about various topics & feelings about #allthingshiphop, and sometimes not so hip hop.

We’ve been keeping busy visiting numerous schools, building relationships and expanding our network since the launch of School of Hip Hop this summer of 2019. As we continue to make a positive impact in the community through hip hop education, we thought it’d be important to document the journey as best as we can and share our learning process.

The topics covered here from time to time will range from something as specific as “what did we learn today from this workshop at this school when this student said this?” to something as broad as “I feel this is where hip hop is headed in the next 20 years.” Whatever we decide to cover, we hope that it brings some value to you – wherever you are.

each one, teach one

Poe one, style elements

Stay tuned for more content to be shared on here and enjoy this fresh track from Canadian hip hop educators: