2020 is finally here. Since the year 2018, I’ve been looking forward to calling it and finally pushing my #2020VISION.
What’s even more exciting now, is that everyone seems to be on that extra-excited tip.
A-mazing. I’m excited for you, for us, for everyone. #TeamPeople

Another click for us, another global shift in consciousness.

2019 was a great year, too. It introduced me to new heights of challenges and barriers, but also taught me some valuable lessons in persistence and commitment to my vision. It was a year of preparation.

As we amp up our efforts in spreading more hip hop throughout the City of London & the rest of the world, I told myself that I’d write more as I reflect, and document more as I lead my journey through hip hop. This blog will be one of many platforms that I use to speak my mind, and just freely express.

Nothing more, nothing less.
Just me being free – being unapologetically me.

Thanks for tuning in @jfx987iaw

Enjoy our performance at New Year’s Eve @ the Park: