It’s #THROWBACKTHURSDAY #TBT #ALLTHINGSHIPHOP to the time I visited the Birthplace of Hip Hop!

Lately, it seems like we’ve been blessed with the gift of time, which then led to periods of much needed self-reflection.
I was thinking about the year 2019, about making a list of 3 places I wanted to travel to. All with specific reasons related to each place.

What was the first on that list?

It was New York City. Now some might question why (because I’m not a fan of the New York Yankees) and some might assume as the usual, popular tourist spot. But if you knew me well, you would understand that as a BBOY, a DJ and straight up, a student of the culture, I felt it was my duty to visit this holy place of Hip Hop – 1520 Sedgewick Ave, Bronx, New York. 

(In case you didn’t know: on August 11th, in 1973, DJ Kool Herc rented out a community room at 1520 Sedgewick Ave and threw the very first hip hop party.) #ICYDK

LOEBZ – paying them dues

Through Hush Hip Hop Tours – I actually got to see a lot of really dope historical sites throughout the city, although the main reason why I took the tour was to visit the birthplace of Hip Hop. When our tour bus arrived, the surreal experience began and I could not stop smiling the entire time. Of course, I thought about throwing down and recording it too…but honestly, I just wanted to absorb the feeling and take in the vibe.

I imagined the old equipment DJ Kool Herc was using.
The James Brown ‘breaks’ he was looping (he called it the merry go round).
The general vibe of the party.

It was cool to even see the city of New York recognize this building and label it “Hip Hop Blvd”. I was told that the exposure from “The Get Down” being filmed there helped cast this site to a larger audience.

Did you know about 1520 Sedgewick Ave before reading this? 

Sadat X, Brand Nubian – our host of Hush Tours!

I highly recommend visiting ‘The Birthplace of Hip Hop.’ Honestly, it made my trip complete. Not to mention Sadat X, of Brand Nubian was my host on my tour. And, well if you’re a hip hop fan, it’s highly recommended. 

As I sit here and reflect on the good memories I had of NYC, my thoughts are with New Yorkers and their fight against COVID-19. To all those nurses, doctors and support staff on the front line worldwide..we’re in this together, and we will get through this together.

Hopefully by the end of this, well all get to cypher and bring the community together once again.

Stay safe!